300+ Mosaic Tips, Techniques, Templates and Trade Secrets

Delphi Glass
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spreadr-amazon-title 300+ Mosaic Tips, Techniques, Templates and Trade Secrets 1570765561

Author: Bonnie Fitzgerald

Brand: Delphi Glass


  • 100's of valuable mosaic design, diagrams, photographs and clear step-by-step directions all at your fingertips
  • Uniquely organized reference makes finding what you need easy
  • Perfect for beginners to pros - learn tricks from master mosaic artists

ISBN: 1570765561

Number Of Pages: 160

Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books


With information gleaned from years of working for and studying with professional mosaic artists from around the world, this comprehensive guide provides essential information for creating beautiful mosaics that survive the elements and stand the test of time. Offering hundreds of valuable design and construction tips, diagrams, simple step-by-step directions, and photographs, the book explains how to create professional, stylish, and technically skilled mosaics. It contains clear instructions for the most commonly used mosaic methods, tips for avoiding potential pitfalls, and an easy-to-navigate technical guide with advice from master mosaicists on selecting the materials, tools, and techniques best suited to any mosaic project. Beginners, hobbyists, and professional artists alike will make the leap from mediocre to majestic mosaics with this understandable, uniquely organized reference.

EAN: 9781570765568

300+ Mosaic Tips, Techniques, Templates and Trade Secrets 1570765561