DIY Mosaic Art Kit 7'' Square, 20x20cm, Dolphin

ALEA Mosaic
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spreadr-amazon-title DIY Mosaic Art Kit 7'' Square, 20x20cm, Dolphin B0015478I2

Brand: ALEA Mosaic

Color: Dolphin


  • MOSAIC ART KIT DIY, on a wood base with a magical surface
  • The kit includes: over 1500 ceramic tiles, wood base, instructions
  • (pairs of tweezers and pliers not included)
  • suitable for mosaic lovers of all levels
  • just dip stones in water, put it in its place and wait a bit.

Publisher: ALEA Mosaik GmbH.

Details: Amazingly easy! Also for children, from 10.

Take a stone, dip it into the water, and place it.
And so stone on stone. Wait - and everything is fixed.
With the words "Alea Mosaic 20x20" you'll find right the video.
Contents: - ceramic tesserae ~ 3/16" x 3/16" mm, instructions on a
wooden base ~7"x7" with a 1: 1 template, with the magical surface
NOT included:
1.) Glue -
unnecessary , thanks to the "magic surface"
2.) Grout - useless, spoils the looks The result is a real ceramic mosaic.
Nowhere is plastic to be seen!

The stones for this are actually ceramic tiles. Very small , made individually. The liquid glaze
bulges during the fire over the edges of the small squares, by capillary forces. It becomes
at normal temperatures, a glass surface that sparkles in all directions.

Even the ancient Romans worked with small cubes for wall and floor mosaics. With our
square stones you follow an old Mediterranean tradition. .

Material: clay, fired at 1940° F (1060 °C ) not frost-proof.
version: September 2018

EAN: 4250134911802

DIY Mosaic Art Kit 7'' Square, 20x20cm, Dolphin B0015478I2