Enchanted Forrest


SKU enc1
Height 40.00
Width 40.00
Depth 1.40
On wood/hangs like a picture 1

A mystical forrest with all sorts of creatures and animals amongst the plants and jewellery. This product is Unique and a new product is available as a commission. 

On wood/hangs like a picture:

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Written by Karen Rhodes on 23rd Jul 2018

Whilst enjoying a relaxing holiday at Tara Casa, I learned so much about the art of mosaics. (July 2018) The retreat is a calm and beautiful space, and decorated by a gallery of inspirational and beautiful mosaics created by Dan and Viv. I fell in love with the Enchanted Forrest, a piece created by Viv, and was delighted to purchase it. I feel lucky to own it.