Vida Mosaics Blog

Swimming pool Mosaic

Once we decided to renovate our swimming pool it was obvious this was an opportunity to put a mosaic in the bottom. We already had a couple of fish mosaics on the side of the pool so to put a mermaid in the bottom seemed appropriate. I started by clearing and flattening the area in the middle of the pool floor and designed the mermaid on paper to fit the space.  Most swimming pool mosaic…

Drummer Man

This commission piece was 60cm x 45cm high and was taken from an old photograph

Ethnic Owl Mosaic

Here is my ethnic owl, 30cm wide by 40 cm high. Glass on wood, treated for interior or exterior installation

More mosaic students

The finished pieces of a 2 day workshop at Vidamosaics. A relaxed 10 hours over 2 days but all worth it in the end.  

Ethnic Animals

This mosaic was made and sold pretty quicly so we are busy on focusing on other animals in a ethnic style. Keep posted for foxes, owls and more elephants! 

Friends and Mosaics

A big Thankyou to Lou 6 CJ who came and relaxed for a few days with mosaics and yoga. They did put in quite a few hours of mosaicing too! Also a big thankyou to Monica, who came to us from Geneva, to make a mosaic and she also purchased a special mosaic for a friend wedding too. …